​Please be sure to use a regular 4 or 6 foot leash. Flexi leashes are not recommended;

​Make sure that you are aware as to whether or not your dog is small dog safe or good with children. Often there are both small dogs and small children who come by to see us;

Be sure to bring a blanket, quilt or bed for your dog to lay on. Sometimes our hounds can get tired and need to relax for a while. If they stay for the entire time period, they are likely to need a soft place to rest. Don’t be surprised thoughif they chose to lay on the softest bed available, which may not be your own. That is to be expected and no one will be upset if it happens.

It’s always nice for our dogs to have fresh breath when meeting new friends, so maybe a good brushing of your dog’s teeth or a quick spritz of something would be a good idea before you set out to the event. Let’s put our best paws forward!

​Make sure all your shots are up to date and fleas are under control;

Many of our events are outside, so if it’s cold outside, be sure to bring your hound’s coat to both keep them warm and make a fashion statement.

The idea of a Meet n’ Greet is to get a group of greyhounds out in public, so people can see and touch these graceful, gentle creatures, and talk to their owners. If we have fosters looking for new homes, we will feature them at this time. The more dogs that attend an event, the greater the impact we can make. Most of the general public have never been around greyhounds and know little or nothing about retired racers. We have literature available to hand out to the public regarding greyhounds as pets.

We have our “demo dogs” there to give the public a “hands on” experience. While they shmooze with us, they get a good idea of the kind of pet they could have in their own home. There is nothing more rewarding than having someone walk up to you, attached to a new dog, and share that YOU, and what you told them at a TGS event were the reasons they adopted a greyhound. We DO make a difference. Oh, one more thing, it’s fun. We get to spend time with each other and the dogs love to hang with the other hounds too.

Our Meet ‘n’ Greets are held at area locations such as the AniMall in the Cary Towne Center, Phydeaux at Seaboard Station, and various outdoor festivals and parades. Please check our Calendar page for details on upcoming Meet ‘n’ Greets. We are always looking for new locations, so if you have a good idea for one, let us know.

If you decide to join us for a meet and greet, you can come with OR without a dog. IF you decide to bring you hound with you there are a couple of things to remember:

Meet N' Greets